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Using our expertise in construction risk management, we are sourcing the best software solutions used by our clients. Customers can activate our preferred partner rewards from their Shepherd dashboard.




About eMod

eMOD revolutionizes construction safety with its proactive and collaborative platform. eMOD addresses the unique challenges faced by commercial construction companies when implementing effective safety programs on-site. Whether you’re overseeing a single project or managing a global portfolio, eMOD empowers users to efficiently deploy industry-recognized safety best practices.

By offering a comprehensive suite of tools, eMOD optimizes and enhances safety throughout every stage of the process. This web-based SaaS application ensures complete transparency at all levels, resulting in measurable performance improvements for all stakeholders. Seamlessly integrated with Procore and Autodesk, eMOD enables teams to collaborate effectively, make well-informed decisions, and successfully deliver high-quality construction projects while prioritizing safety.

With eMOD, construction operations become streamlined, cost-effective, and sustainable. Join forces with eMOD and experience the next generation of construction safety.

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