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Technology-enabled premium savings program designed to reward customers

How it works

Contractors deserve more from their insurance providers

Construction is evolving, and underwriters should too. We're incorporating new datasets into our evaluation process in order to identify, measure, and benefit clients.

Lower premiums

Automatic credits applied to our policies during the underwriting process

Improved coverage terms

Additional support for unique program requests or requirements

Unique program offers

Multi-year programs, fixed rate-renewals, and more client benefits


Our partners are leaders in safety and efficiency



IoT platform enhancing fleet management, industrial automation, and safety to optimize operations, boost efficiency, and promote sustainability



Leading construction management platform that connects over 1.3 million construction professionals in more than 125 countries

Autodesk Build

Autodesk Build

Project management toolset for field execution including managing, sharing, and accessing project documents and workflows



360° photo and video technology to fully document jobsites, analyze progress, reduce risk, and resolve conflicts


“Shepherd leverages well known construction technologies, that our construction clients already use, to further their ability to gain insight and more effectively underwrite a risk.”

Shepherd’s technically focused underwriting approach benefits construction clients broadly, especially those who’ve received less favorable treatment from the market due to their risk classification alone. Well performing risks are underwritten on their individual merits, exposures and loss experience. It's always a pleasure to work with Shepherd, the vibrancy and tenacity of their teams shines through everything they do.


Ryan Gilway

Senior Broker

Aon Construction & Infrastructure

Laura Watts

Laura Watts

Customer Experience Lead

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More than 50% of our clients qualify for Shepherd Savings

By partnering with top technology providers, we’re able to maximize benefits to as many clients as possible.

  • Easy opt-in for brokers or customers

    Our Savings program is optional but can only benefit clients

  • Confidential and secure

    We never share customer submission data regardless of source

  • Speak to an advisor

    All of our brokers and clients have access to dedicated support


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