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Introducing Shepherd Rewards

Mo El Mahallawy

Mo El Mahallawy

Co-Founder & CTO

June 21, 2023

We are thrilled to announce the launch of a new, innovative initiative that brings us a step closer to realizing our ambitious vision – Shepherd Rewards.

From the inception of Shepherd, our mission has been clear: we aim to be the catalyst that seamlessly bridges the often-disparate worlds of technology, insurance, and construction. With Shepherd Rewards, we take one step closer to this goal. To achieve this, we've collaborated with a cohort of world-class partners to enable our contractors to embrace and utilize a suite of powerful, industry-relevant tools. Our belief is that with the right tools at their disposal, the construction industry can be safer, more efficient, and more sustainable.

Our Motivation

Over the past few months, we've fielded numerous questions from our insureds, all asking the same essential question: what technological tools should they adopt to streamline their businesses? The focus has invariably been on tools that mitigate risk, and enterprise-level solutions that empower contractors to work smarter and more efficiently.

What began as a straightforward list of recommended tools quickly evolved into a partnership encompassing over 10 partners.

Rewards that Matter

We acknowledge that the cost factor often becomes a barrier when investing in technology. Thus, we have negotiated special pricing and deals with our partners to offer more value to our insureds. Through Shepherd Rewards, our insureds have access to unique pricing when referred to a partner via Shepherd, ensuring a cost-effective adoption of these tools and solutions.

Accessing your Rewards

The rewards we offer are exclusively available to Shepherd insureds. They can be accessed through your broker at any point during your policy lifecycle, ensuring you have the flexibility to take advantage of these deals when it suits your business needs the best.

Casualty Pro

While Shepherd Rewards aims to offer additional value to via our technology partners, we also want to recognize and incentivize existing customers of our partners through Casualty Pro. Casualty Pro provides underwriting credits and improved terms to existing customers of select partners (currently: Procore, Openspace, and Autodesk).

Our plan over the upcoming months is to expand our Casualty Pro partnership, thus offering rewards on the purchase of these tools and credits on insurance premiums.

The Future of Shepherd Rewards

Our journey doesn't stop here. We plan to continue incorporating more partners into our Rewards program, diversifying the benefits across construction and enterprise tooling sectors. Over the coming months, we'll be making exciting partner announcements.

Stay tuned as we venture into this new chapter of Shepherd's journey to bring together technology, insurance, and construction.

Thank you to our initial partners

We couldn't have done this without the trust and partnership of our Rewards partners. We really appreciate the support from EarthCam, WINT, Brickeye, Toric, Procore, Samsara, eMOD, Document Crunch, OpenSpace, Autodesk Construction Cloud, Oracle, WorkRamp and Bridgit.

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